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DIY Shiplap

How to make a shiplap wall look historic


  • Brad nailer
  • Miter Saw
  • Table Saw (or get pre-cut at local hardware store)
  • Level
  • Stud Finder
  • Paint Roller and Tray


  • ΒΌ inch Mahogany 4x8 Board
  • Paint
  • Primer


  • Find and mark out all studs. Mark stud from floor to ceiling on the desired wall.
  • For old home, start first board 6 inches down from the ceiling.
  • Start the first line with one full length, 8 ft board
  • Have one person hold up the first board, making sure it is level, while the other person nails the board to the studs.
  • Hold the next board up against the first, making sure to level the board once again nailing it to the studs. Continue process until reaching the end of the wall.
  • For the second line, and all others you will replace your level with a coin. We used a loonie to get the spacing between our boards.
  • To achieve the rustic look make sure to alter the length of your boards so that the ends of the boards never lined up vertically.
  • Once you have completed these steps you are ready to tackle your first and last row.
  • Measure the remaining spacing. Ripping new boards, smaller than 8 inches to fit in the remaining space.
  • For the advanced, scribe your last planks to help hide your crocked walls.
  • Prime and paint your shiplap.
  • Congrats, you are finished! Have fun styling your new space!